ConReg 706


The measuring instrument has six measuring channels. A built-in processor calculates the temperature and the strength growth. The result is shown on a LCD display. With the help of this display different functions can be selected, for example start/stop of the measurements and change of settings. The registered temperatures are stored in a memory, which later can be downloaded to a PC through a cable or a GSM modem


ConReg 712



ConReg 712 is a further development of ConReg 706. This measuring instrument has twelve measuring channels. It is specially designed for large concrete construction projects with extended demands on the control of the hardening process. It helps to control and analyze the effects of different measures and choose the right ones to minimize cracks.





ConRegSoft – PC Software


Registered temperatures and associated strength levels are shown in ConRegSoft as easily readable diagrams. Several measuring instruments can be controlled from the same software. The programme is professional designed and works under Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8. All registered data including other general information are stored in documents. With the help of a GSM-modem, both measuring instruments can be remotely controlled through the PC-programme. This gives a possibility to observe the strength growth as well in the office as on site.